New School Badge



In our school, we are getting a brand new badge! We have had our current school badge for ages and it is time for a change! School council have discussed their ideas to design a spectacular badge with an artist: Niall McGonagle. Two children from each class had a go at designing a badge from their point of view of what it should look like (to them). Here are some quotes from some teachers and young journalists!
What are your thoughts?

Mrs Waites :

“ I’m really excited for our new school badge because everyone has had their say; children, school governors and staff have contributed. It will represent our school values.”
Miss Marshall:

“I am excited because it will be a very positive change.”


“I am curious of what school council have designed and am looking forward to the official design.”


“I like the old one but it’s good to have a change and have a fresh design !”

India :

“I like our old one.”

“ I want to keep the old badge the same .”

Our school has actually had the current badge for about 10 years. Remember to look at the photos above.

By Elizabeth Boyle and Amber Allison.

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