Greenfinch trip to Eyam

On Wednesday 5th September Greenfinch class went on a school trip to Eyam.

Eyam is famous for the plague because after the plague happened in London it spread to Eyam.  260 out of 350 people died of the plague in Eyam-  that’s 74% of the population!

On the trip they went to :

  • Eyam Museum
  • Eyam Church
  • Picnic areas

These are some of the comments that the children that went said :

Amber- ‘It was very scary because that’s where the plague happened.’

India- ‘It was tiring because we went on long walks to the boundary stone !’

Ruby- ‘It was enjoyable because we got to touch the vinegar in the boundary stone.’

The boundary stone was a meeting point where people from other villages would bring food to leave for the people of Eyam. The people of Eyam would place their money in the holes where the vinegar was placed. They thought the vinegar would get rid of the plague so acted as a disinfectant.

Elizabeth- ‘It was interesting because I learned a lot more facts about the plague.’

Written by Meredith


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